Merry XXX-Mas

Merry XXX-Mas

Welcome Katie Hammond and her original Merry XXX-mas painting series. Made for This, That & the ODDer Things, premiering on First Fridays. It is a playful collection based on 70’s softcore, painted on a solid coat of glitter (either hot pink, rose gold or lime green). Each acrylic painting is 14”x14” and specially priced for the holidays. Nakedness at your fingertips, ooooh lala… but don’t touch!!! You must have consent first and you probably won’t get it.

Deep in the back room of TT&TOT you will find the Hideaway art space. Rest your eyes on the glory of this extraordinary work. Katie has a MFA from the Chicago Institute of arts and a BFA from the University of Michigan. She is a local creative force with her contemporary Acrylic on canvass paintings highly personal subject matter is filtered through the lenses of art history and iconography. Dichotomies of particular interest are playfulness and sadness, humor and cynicism, reverence and rebellion, high art and kitsch. Influences from the non-art world include mythology, punk, literature, pop culture, dreams, nightmares, and social media. Katie will also be selling her original prints of Jesus… Has Katies work been sent from Heaven above? Is this what Jesus would do? Will there be a painting of a naked Jesus? come down to find out.

*** Holiday SALES will be a giving, along with a yuletide punch and cookies offered from This, That & the ODDer things.***

First Friday DIY Painting & Karaoke

First Friday DIY Painting & Karaoke

Join us from 6 pm to 9 pm for Ypsi’s greatest DIY paint party. Come in and Karaoke for free!

Painting prices range from $10 – $20, so there is something for everyone! We run our own Karaoke while we paint!

Walk-ins Welcome, but pre-registration is advised, as we do sell out! $10 Small Canvas Painting

$15 Choose a glass item to paint your own fanciful design on. We have wine glasses, beer mugs, coffee mugs, plates, bowls, vases, and more!

$15 Choose a wood-cut item to paint on. We have several photo frames and other designs to choose from.

$20 Choose one of our pre-sketched designs on a 16×20 canvas.

FREE If you do not wish to paint, you are welcome to come in and Karaoke/hang out! DIY events are different from our standard events, and we do not provide step-by-step instructions. However, our artists are available to help you bring your creations to life.

NOTE: This is a Specialty Event. Coupons, Groupons, and other promotional discounts do not apply.

Pop Up Art Exhibition with Asia Janai

Asia Janai @_ihippie/@hippiebleu is a visual artist who works in Ypsilanti, Michigan. Join us for her first solo exhibition at Hinton Real Estate Group on December 2. A native of Detroit, she spent her childhood as a backseat art guide for her mom through the graffiti-lined streets of the Eastside of Detroit. Her distinctive personal style exudes peace and expresses the vibrant spirit of her ancestors, hip-hop, imaginary mentors like Basquiat and Toni Morrison, and the powerful black women who came before her.